KARIN.20. Girl.Spain.Apple. HUFFLEPUFF. I make gifs and drawings, also absurd comics about things I like.

I cry because of Oliver Kieran-Jones 24/7. Adam Lambert is the meaning of life. Matt Bomer is my lord and savior. Chris Colfer is the light of my life. And I just want to hug Mark Ruffalo all the time.

I’m not the smart or popular boy of my high school, I have good marks and I am good singing, but we know this is not enough for be popular.

I don’t really care about that, the only thing I care about is him, Dave Karofsky. He is the captain of the football team, he is handsome, strong, brave… and he is the guy I love.

I’m very shy, so I don’t think I will say him about my feelings, I’ll try…